How often have you heard these sayings about money?

These may sound like irrefutable truths. Yet, having these very thoughts about money is hurting you from welcoming more money into your life. When you put yourself in the servant’s position, you relinquish all power you have. It’s playing into the victim mentality. It’s believing you are powerless to do anything about your financial situation, so why even try?

But what happens when you shift this relationship to one in which you are the master and money is your faithful servant, ready to do your bidding?

First, let’s learn about what money really is. Before money, people traded with each other. If I was a blacksmith, I might have traded my metalwork for some bread with the local baker. But if the blacksmiths had nothing the baker wanted, then trade freezes.

So, money was invented to keep that trade flowing. Money is just a representation of stored value. The more value you are able to provide to the world, the more money comes into your life. Likewise, money is just an indicator of success.




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