Starting a healthy lifestyle can be difficult because it needs dedication and hard work. And change won’t happen overnight. When you commit to having a healthier lifestyle than what you have now, it’s going to be a significant change for you that takes a lot of work. But it’ll be all worth it.

Falling back to your old routine is easy. This is especially true if you drastically change your lifestyle. That’s why health experts do not recommend extreme changes because they do not provide long-term success.

The reason for this is that we only have very limited willpower. Hence, to improve your lifestyle, make sure to focus on small but doable habits. These are healthy behaviors that you can do without having to think about them.

You can’t measure your progress if you don’t know your baseline fitness scores. Hence, make sure that you assess your fitness level first before you even commence a healthy lifestyle. Start by measuring your pulse rate before and after exercising. Record how long it can take for you to walk one mile.


6 Stages Of Starting A Healthy Lifestyle – FinerMinds


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